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Laser Eye Surgery: YAG Laser

Laser Eye Surgery: YAG Laser

Approximately 40% of people are affected by a posterior opacification after cataract surgery. This opacification causes cloudy vision and sometimes halos around lights. This may occur anywhere from one month up to two years after surgery. The only form of treatment for this condition is with laser eye surgery using the YAG Laser Capsulotomy.

This laser uses light to penetrate the back of the lens capsule creating a clear visual pathway. In most cases this is a permanent resolution to the opacification leaving no need for a second treatment. Dr. Rowan performs YAG Laser treatments at his own surgery center. Patients remark how painless and quick the procedure is, lasting less than five minutes. Most patients experience clearer vision immediately and are able to drive home.

Should you experience cloudy vision or halos after cataract surgery, Dr. Rowan recommends you contact his office to schedule an eye exam.