Nearly eight in ten Americans over 55 require prescription glasses, and most are paying a pretty penny for that demand. Indeed, the cost of prescription glasses averages more than $200 out-of-pocket, and the price can easily double if a patient opts for a quality pair of no-line “progressives,” a look favored by many older consumers. With a myriad of options in expensive lens materials, frames and coatings, the bill for new glasses can tally quickly – so before buying, it pays to know your options.

For the approximately 64 percent of Americans who wear them, prescription glasses are part fashion-accessory and part medical device. Proper eyeglasses correct vision and help you tell the world how you’d like to be looked at. Rest assured, you will get nothing but the highest of quality by going through a professional eye care solution such as Rowan Eye Center, where convenience, selection, service and an incredible value arrive at the crossroads of expert craftsmanship.

Where and how you should shop for glasses is dependent on your needs and preferences. If the objective is a dynamic combination of savings, a rich selection of frames and a personal touch that comes with dealing with a professional face-to-face, Rowan Eye Center provides you with that perfect mix.

Some important steps to remember:

  • Get Educated – Hop online to a source such as to become familiarized with the process. Knowing a little something about the types of frames, lenses and coatings can help you understand your options.
  • Talk to Your Doctor – Ask your doctor for advice regarding which lenses are best for you and if there’s anything you need to consider when buying frames and lenses. For example, a narrow frame may not be able to accommodate your prescription if you need “progressives” or other multi-focal lenses. Conversely, rimless and semi-rimless frames may be a bad choice if you are working with a strong prescription that requires thicker lenses. At Rowan Eye Center, our trained professionals can assist you with these decisions.

Picking the right optometrist for your needs is equally as important as selecting the proper eyeglasses.

What to Look For When Choosing an Optometrist

Choosing an eye doctor is just as important as selecting any other general health physician. Our eyes are not only a treasured window to the world, they also serve as a window to overall health, and because they’re an essential part of everyday life, your choice of a good eye doctor is not one that should be taken lightly.

The following are three key elements to consider when choosing an optometrist:

  • Understand the Difference Between Optometrist and Ophthalmologist – Optometrists can treat some eye diseases, prescribe medication and do not perform surgery on the eyes; ophthalmologists treat all kinds of eye disease, prescribe medication and perform surgery.
  • Determine Which One is Right for You – For a general eye exam, either kind of eye doctor will do, but if you have a specific eye disease you may want to consider an ophthalmologist for ongoing care, depending on the condition.
  • Eye Doctor Availability – When it comes to optometrists, find out if the practice offers openings within the week of your desired vision exam. Rowan Eye Center is open for appointments Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The Rowan Difference

Specializing in all eye care needs, Rowan Eye Center offers hundreds of men’s and women’s frames to choose from as well as a range of affordable-to-luxury brands. In priding ourselves on having unique, quality eye wear you won’t find anywhere else, Rowan also offers:

  • Premium lenses custom-made for every patient
  • Specialization in standard and bifocal contacts to fit all needs
  • Specialization in low vision
  • Licensed optician on-premises to help with all selections

If you’ve been shopping for glasses in the New Port Richey area but have been ultimately disappointed by the lack of choices, expertise or care, call Rowan Eye Center today to schedule an appointment.